Nili Shani
Coach for The Work of Byron Katie // Berlin
What does a “Work” Coaching look like?

We will look for the thoughts that stress you in your every day life. We might also fill out together a “Judge your neighbor” worksheet to examine a situation. Then we systematically examine the thoughts with the method’s questions. Eventually we will also turn the thoughts around, so for example: “my friend should treat me well” can be turned into “I should treat me well”.

Why do we turn the thoughts around? Our mind tends to look for proof of what we believe in, even though it might not be true. The turn-around allows our mind to receive new input and this lessens our grip on that painful or stressful thought. The turn-around also shows us what we truly need, from ourselves as well as from others.

The Coaching process can be done as a long term process in which we will take a look into one or more issues in your life. However, it can also be used once in a while to deal with a specific subject, according to your needs. You decide what form the process will take.

Where? We have a few options for working together:

  • We can meet at my practice in Kreuzberg
  • Walk & Work: We will meet and do “The Work” while going for a walk at the  Landwehrkanal, Görlitzer Park or Tempelhofer Feld. (Do you want to go somewhere else? Please contact me)
  • Have a session over the phone or Skype (phone costs are on me)
With which Subjects can “The Work” help?

“The Work” can provide guidance and insight into many different topics, including:

  • Relationship issues (also with friends etc.)
  • Challenges in the family (with parents, children, siblings etc.)
  • Issues of self esteem and beliefs about ourselves (how am I? how should I be? and so on)
  • Our beliefs regarding our body (sickness, looks, weight, sexuality etc.)
  • Money issues
  • Problems on the work place (with colleagues or the boss)
  • As a business coaching for your business (self employed, company, teams and so on)
  • When you are bothered with the state of the world (the environment, religion, racism, homophobia or other things)
  • What other subjects would you like to discuss?
Money makes the world go round?

The first „get to know each other“ session is approx. 90 min.
You have time to talk about the issues you are dealing with right now, and we can see if we would like to work together.
Further coaching sessions are 60 min.

Costs: 40-60 € depending on your appraisal. In case money is a big issue right now, you are welcome to approach me for an individual solution.

Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, of if you do not show up, you will be charged for the missed appointment.